Keeping Records

This is how it works!

Placing a bet of 5 units to an odd 2.1 to our bookmaker, let’s assume we won.

We have to update our bankroll that we have won. We place the odd, the bet and press the Win button.

We keep our bet, the available bank is raised with our profit and we go on.

Let’s place a bet of 7 units to an odd 1.7 and we lose.

We fill Eu odd 1.7 – Your bet 7 and press the Lost button.

Now let’s place a bet of 120 units to an odd 2.2 and Win. We update the software with our win entering the odd, the bet and pressing Win button.

Our available bank has raised enough to secure our total bank. Now it’s time to split our bank again to 3 equal parts and keep playing with our available one. This is a method to secure the way we manage our bankroll.

If we want to withdraw money from our bookmaker account ex.300 units, just to keep records and our total bank synchronized to bookmaker bankroll, we can also withdraw our Betting Manager bankroll.

Go to Menu-> Bank-> Withdrawal

Add ‘Withdrawal Amount’ and click ‘Save and Exit’

Now, our avalable amount is negative, so we have to Split again.

That’s it. At the tabs of the table we can see the bets, the deposits and withdrawals.

No excel sheets, no custom documents. This is a great way to keep multiple files of betting bankroll management.

Good luck and wish you huge profits.

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