Follow next guidelines on the first run

When you run the application for the first time, a “How To” window opens. Read carefully even if we describe in this documentation everything you need.

First of all, create a new file and give a name according your strategy or betting method or a specific tipster you get betting tips. This way we can create multiple files to see which strategy or method or tipster gives to us the most profit. We gave the name ‘first’

Click ‘File->New’ and give a name.

Then Click ‘Bank->Deposit’ to set your starting bankroll amount. For example: 500 units

Add ‘Deposit Amount’ and click ‘Save and Exit’

Now click ‘Split’ to split the total bankroll into 3 parts. This is a way to secure our total bank. From now on, we play just with the first part of our bankroll.

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