How It Works

How It Works

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An Excellent Tool For Bankroll Management

“Betting Manager” is a single tool with a built-in calculator, easy for anyone to use, that helps to manage your betting accounts. It’s not just an account manager. Using a little management secret (system), helps to raise your profits.

Here you will see what made us to construct this tool and how you are going to use it and help your betting accounts. A tool that helps everyone who uses any kind of method, system or betting strategy, to avoid betting mistakes and calculate the profits perfectly.

Are you using flat betting, or martingale? How agressive is your system? How do you protect your bank from high stakes that a betting strategy proposes?

Here, you are going to take all the answers you need.

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This software was used to keep performance of a betting strategy in a forum. 

It was the best way to test the performance of both the software and the method. You can download this instance and explore it step by step to find out the usage of this tool.

You can verify the integrity of the results at the following link (A Greek forum where the bets were placed on time with proof)